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This upgraded No. 700-31 Soviet Aircraft Carrier set provides parts for the Trumpeter Kiev/Minsk kits, the Aoshima Kiev/Minsk kits, and the Trumpeter Admiral Kuznetsov kit (special parts for Italeri's Admiral Kuznetsov kit are no longer furnished.) The pre-shaped flight deck rails and 3-D relief-etched flight deck safety nets are designed to fit all the above-mentioned plastic kits precisely (separate parts are provided for Aoshima's and Trumpeter's Kiev-class kits due to slight differences in the shapes of the kit parts), as do all the radars, masts, deck crane, and yardarms.

A wide variety of Soviet/Russian radars are included, and these incorporate a number of new antennas never before available from any manufacturer. They include the following (all listed as NATO code names): Top Sail, Top Steer, Top Plate, Plate Steer, Palm Frond, Strut Pair, Pop Group, Cross Sword, and Head Light. Multiple sets of the last five radars are furnished. Other items included are railings in various styles, special flight deck netting for all ships requiring them, highly detailed masts, yardarms, Kiev-class crane, helicopter and carrier aircraft details, ECM & other antennas in a wide variety of styles, plus much more.


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A nearly perfect, but unauthorized copy of the GMM designed-Russian radar set included in this product has recently been released by Lion Roar of China. Although the owners of Lion Roar dispute this, a comparison of the parts in their product with the original designs in GMM's version released in 2004 indicates beyond doubt that there is little to no chance this could be a mere coincidence as Lion Roar is claiming. Lion Roar's designers were somehow unable or unwilling to include some of the relief-etched details, locator pins, and complex radar screen grids that are included in the GMM set. Despite this, their copy is nearly perfect in about 95% of the shapes, geometry, and details.

The unauthorized copy is so obvious that several website managers have agreed to discontinue publicizing and reviewing Lion Roar products until this problem has been corrected. In addition, several dealers have indicated they will no longer order or carry Lion Roar products for the same reason.

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