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WORLD WAR TWO USS FLETCHER (parts for early and late war versions) (1/350)


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This set has been modified and upgraded to include parts for Trumpeter's new "square bridge" USS The Sullivans in the same scale. (NOTE: There are enough parts for one kit. You will have some parts left over when your project is complete.)

Whereas the original version of this PE set included two full sets of main deck rails for Tamiya's kit (one set with netting, the other without), the upgraded version now deletes the non-netted rails and substitutes a set of netted rails custom-sized to precisely fit the Trumpeter kit. A full set of brass chocks of the proper size and shape has also been added. The PE set will now offer a complete set of netted main deck railing for both kits, plus the standard rails for the upper decks that are featured in the current version.

Also included is a pair of custom-fitted railings for Trumpeter's "square bridge" pilot house roof - one with simulated canvas, the other without. The corresponding pair of rails for Tamiya's kit is still included.

In addition, refinements and/or improvements have also been made to fire control radars and inclined ladders, and a pair of pilot house lookout platforms has been added. All the remaining items are still included:

Railing in several styles, including pre-shaped sections for bridge roof and upswept main deck. Vertical and inclined ladders, depth charges tracks and stowage racks, K-gun loading racks in single-row and double-row styles, 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft gun details, life raft racks, propeller guards, funnel cap grilles, boat details, mast and yardarm details, Mk. 12, Mk. 22, SC, SC-2, and SG radars, ECM antennas, Stokes litters, watertight doors, capstan brake wheels and assorted control wheels.


Fits Tamiya's Fletcher or Trumpeter's The Sullivans. Includes parts for round and square bridge versions.

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