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Konig-class Dreadnought (Konig, Grosser Kurfurst) (1/350)


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Over 4,000 scale feet of railing in four styles including "drooped chain" type for the main decks, solid-type rails for upper decks, and simulated canvas-covered rails for bridge and searchlight platforms; vertical ladders, inclined ladders with perforated sides and correct handrail configurations; funnel cap grilles, skylight covers in eight styles, hatch covers in two styles, watertight doors (open and closed), yardarm footropes, safety rails and hooks for boat derricks, simulated stud-link anchor chains and chain stoppers, rudders, screws, oars, & stern rails for ship's boats, capstan handwheels & brakewheel, screens and covers for bulkhead vents in five styles, torpedo tube doors in two styles, armored doors for main turrets, conning tower, & aft fire control tower, cable reel, simulated rigging for boat davits & small cranes, paddles & see-through bottoms for life rafts, perforated girders for boat cradles, accommodation ladders with perforated platforms, bow crests & stern nameplates for all four ships in the class, bridge details (helm, engine telegraph, & binnacle.) Illustrated instructions include information on backdating the ICM kit to pre-Jutland configuration. Extensive 3-D relief etching throughout.


Fits ICM/Ukraine's Konig and Grosser Kurfurst WW1 dreadnought kits.

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