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Essex (1/350) - 350-22


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Railing (including custom fitted rails for bow and stern and specialized rails for numerous other areas such as elevators & hangar openings); twelve vertical ladders; 28 inclined ladders (including 16 short ladders for flight deck access); one boat rudder with pulpit & cradles; main and secondary yardarm; search and fire control radars (SK, SK-2, SC-2, SP, SM-1, SG, two Mk. 12 with IFF, and two Mk. 22); assorted smaller antennas (TDY, TDY-1, YE beacon, and two types of ECM antennas); two hooks for cranes; two funnel cap grilles; 28 watertight doors; two mast platform supports; five platforms and two latticework tower masts for all variations of radar installations; one whistle platform; one BM antenna platform; four cable reels; 52 carrier-style floater net baskets; five deck-edge radio antenna masts with protective screens for second and fifth antenna masts; two ventilator grilles; one LSO platform with one catwalk, two choices of windscreens, & safety net; deck-edge elevator girders & nets; three leadsman's platforms; two simulated stud-link anchor chains; and one figure of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance.


Fits Trumpeter kits of WW2 U.S.S. Essex-class aircraft carriers. (SEE ALSO: 350-22A 1/350 Gold PLUS Essex Fine Details and 350-26 1/350 WW2 U.S. Navy Aircraft Details)

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