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IJN Battleship (1/350)

Contains detailed main deck and upper deck railings featuring a "drooped chain" appearance; solid-type railings for upper decks and platforms, chain rails for the tops of the main gun turrets; two aircraft catapults in two different styles with full interior detailing; aircraft trolleys with shuttles in two styles, aircraft & boat cranes in two styles with rigging and hook; chocks, rails, & other details for the ship's boats; struts, propellers, & other details for all ship's aircraft types; gunsights & controls for single mount 25mm antiaircraft guns; three radars of two types; footropes for yardarms; bridge details; accommodation ladders; bridge window frames in three different sizes; plus the usual assortment of vertical and inclined ladders, watertight doors, cable reels, eyebolts, turnbuckles, boat davit rigging, and other fittings.

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