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North Carolina (1/350)

This new set is custom designed for the Trumpeter USS North Carolina kit and contains the following items: custom fitted and pre-shaped main deck railing with pre-positioned cutouts for chocks and catapults; specialized railing in all the correct styles for upper decks; 26 watertight doors in the correct size and in two styles; sixteen inclined ladders in two sizes; twelve lengths of vertical ladders; SK, SK-2, SC-2, SG, Mk. 3, Mk. 8, Mk. 12, Mk. 22, & Mk. 27 radar antennas; TDY ECM antenna; two TBS antennas; propellers for OS2U and SC-1 floatplanes; two aircraft catapults; stern crane with hooks & rigging; two boat crane booms with hooks & rigging; armor shields with folding template, rails, and gunsights for sixteen (16) 40mm Bofors; similar details for sixty (60) 20mm Oerlikons; gunsights for twelve (12) 5" dual gun mounts; paddles plus perforated bottoms for 22 life rafts in two styles; highly detailed replacement yardarms in the correct sizes for both masts; pre-shaped catwalks and railings plus funnel cap grilles for both funnels; rudders and chocks for two 26' motor whaleboats; two leadsman's platforms; detailed deck hatches in five styles; 24 armored covers for bridge portholes; four ladder well coamings with handrails for superstructure inclined ladders; four cable reels; two anchor hawsepipe screens; six anchor capstan brakewheels in two styles; and eight life preservers. Numerous spare parts are included in the event of loss or damage.

This set will provide nearly all the fittings required to completely detail the Trumpeter kit. Additional GMM accessory items such as floater net baskets, extra ladders, extra watertight doors, 40mm & 20mm details, and naval ship decals can be used to supplement this set if desired.


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