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Nimitz (1/350) - 350-28

Contains a full set of railing in all the correct styles with 80% being custom fitted for specific decks with no cutting necessary; sixteen sets of fold-to-shape inclined ladders in the correct style and in two sizes; ten lengths of standard vertical ladders; ten lengths of safety rail vertical ladders; six sets of safety cage vertical ladders; special short lengths of inclined and vertical ladders for flight deck catwalks; four accommodation ladders in two sizes; a full set of replacement flight deck safety netting with integral fold-to-shape braces including alternate nets for late variants; SPS-10, SPS-43A, SPS-48 and SPS-49 radars; custom-fitted elevator safety rails for the flight deck and safety rails for the hangar door openings; special dedicated rails for the bridge window catwalks; 40 sets of refueling hose reels; 48 watertight doors of the correct waffle pattern style in both open and closed configurations; two replacement anchors of the correct USN pattern; various ECM, sector, and other small antennas; seven fold-to-shape Stokes litters; four anemometers; eight life preservers; 66 sets of bridge windshield wipers in three positions; and sixteen sets of elevating gear quadrants for deck-edge whip antennas. Extensive use of relief-etched detailing in 3-D is used throughout this set. Made in .005" thick brass.

This set is designed to fit Trumpeter's 1/350 scale kit of the USS Nimitz (CVN-68.) It can also be used, along with GMM No. 350-29 (1/350 CVN Extra Details) to convert the Nimitz kit into other ships of the class. See GMM No. 350-29 for more information.


Detailed photos plus reviews of these two new PE sets will be found in the Photoetch Review column and

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