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Detail parts for buildings and general scenes

Part No.
Chain Link Fence with Barbed Wire and Gates (240 scale feet) 160-1 23.00
Chain Link Fence with barbed Wire, No Gates (240 scale feet) 160-2 OUT OF STOCK
Standard Fire Escape, Three Stories (basic set) photo shown 160-3 16.00
Standard Fire Escape, Three Stories (extender set) photo shown 160-4 16.00
Fancy Fire Escape, Three Stories (basic set) photo shown 160-5 16.00
Fancy Fire Escape, Three Stories (extender set) photo shown 160-6 16.00
Venetian Blinds for Structures and Passenger Cars (32 four sizes) photo shown 160-19 12.00
Security Gates (Burglar Bars) for Storefront Windows (8, two sizes) photo shown 160-20 12.00
Rooftop TV Antennas for Houses (20, five styles) photo shown 160-21 12.00
Freight Car and Industrial Ladders (495 scale feet, two styles) 160-25 12.00
Bicycles and Bike Racks (ten bicycles, three bike racks) 160-28 9.00
Spike Tipped Wrought Iron Fence with Gates and Signs (240 scale feet). photo shown 160-29 23.00
Spike Tipped Wrought Iron Fence Extender Set (300 scale feet) photo shown 160-30 23.00
Downtown Business Sign Decals (over 60 full color signs) photo shown 160-31 7.00
Industrial Railings (over 300 scale feet) 160-34 23.00
Industrial Stairways (twelve, three sizes) 160-35 23.00
Tell Tales (eight, two styles) 160-36 16.00
Grocery Store Shopping Carts (eight) photo shown 160-37 9.00
Industrial Safety Cage Ladders (over 200 scale feet) 160-38 23.00
Highway Guardrails & Safety Reflectors (200 scale feet, 20 reflectors) 160-39 23.00
Telephone Booths (two booths) photo shown 160-43 10.00
Assorted Chairs (four each of four different styles; total: 16) 160-57 10.00
24" X-Bracing for Steel Girders 160-58 $23.00
Industrial Walkways 160-59 23.00
Roadkill 160-60 $10.00
Diamond-Pattern Non-Skid Steel Plating 160-62 $18.00
18" X-Bracing for Steel Girders 160-63 $23.00
24" W-Bracing for Steel Girders 160-64 $23.00
18" W-Bracing for Steel Girders 160-65 $23.00
Walthers North Island Refinery Detail Set 160-67 $38.00
Buildings with details
Standard Fire Escape, Burglar Bars and Venetian Blinds
Fancy Fire Escape, Venetian Blinds, Signs, Phone Booth and Shopping Cart
Bicycles and racks
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