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Locomotive Detail Parts

Part No.
Diesel Locomotive Detailing Set (parts for over a dozen locomotives) photo shown 160-7 8.00
Diesel Locomotive Handrail Stanchions (150 parts, five styles) 160-32 8.00
Pennsylvania R.R. Radio Antenna Mounts (116 parts, six types) 160-33 8.00
GP-7, GP-9, GP-18 Detail Set (parts for two locomotives) photo shown 160-40 14.00
Steam Locomotive Details (parts for several locomotives) 160-42 20.00
Stirrups for Cab-Type Diesel Locomotives (76, five styles) 160-48 10.00
Alco PA1/PB1 Diesel Locomotive Details (parts for a S.P. A-B-A set) 160-49 20.00
Brakewheels (six each of fifteen different styles; total 90) 160-55 9.00
Grab Irons (165 of five different styles; includes drilling jigs) 160-56 9.00
All-Weather Cab Windows for Diesel Locomotives 160-61 $14.00
Hand Grabs for KATO Cab-Type Diesel Locomotives 160-66 $12.00
Grab Irons, Mirrors and Windshield Wipers
Stanchions, Sun Shields and Windshield Wipers
EMD GP Detail set
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