Gold Medal Models - 18" X-Bracing for Steel Girders

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A complete replacement set for the Walthers kit's platforms, railing, ladders, and other small details. All platforms feature perforated brass grilles for an airy see-through look. All handrails are scale-thickness fold-to-shape brass parts than can be glued or soldered to the platforms. Replacement vertical ladders are fine-scale thickness brass. All parts bear the same part numbers as the Walthers parts which they are intended to replace on a one-for-basis with precise fit. Use the Walthers kit instructions for correct placement. Installation of these parts will transform the refinery kit into a superb front-of-the-layout masterpiece. Modern-era modelers can substitute the Gold Medal Models No. 160-38 Safety Cage Ladders (sold separately) for the standard vertical ladders. Etched in .010" brass.

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